About Me

Hi, I’m Shanyce!

*Shakes hand awkwardly*

I always thought that my hometown and my upbringing was quintessential “small town life.” Boy, was I wrong. After years of college dropping in and out, a collection of Ramona Flowers’ exes, career stalls and plain old dilly dally,  I found an affinity for three things: food, fun, and nature.

I’d love to tell you the interesting story of my life, how the stars aligned, why I’m on my second DSLR, my fourth lens, my fourth home, first degree, but I hope you stick around and see. I embrace military family life as a pleasant challenge and a blessing. I’ve spent the past four years returning to school (and graduating), parenting, traveling, working…but most importantly, figuring out what drives me. Adventure. I found solace and joy exploring all that “The Air Force’s worst base” had to offer. I’m a perpetual learner and leave no rocks unturned.

I’ve grown fond of the Dakotas; of the real small towns, auroras over the open prairie, the hip restaurants, and the mom and pop shops, too. DSC_0023.JPG

I’ve finally settled here in Rapid City, South Dakota. I’ve learned that the best way to enjoy a place is to digest it–literally and figuratively. Eat at all the “must have” places, tour all the obvious spots, and wait for the hidden jewels to reveal themselves over time. This site serves as a resource–to those wondering what The Black Hills are all about, and why myself and so many others have fallen in love.

-Shanyce B.

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