I’m back again! For now, at least.

I thought I’d start and manage this blog of all my quirky little finds and discoveries around Rapid City and the Black Hills. But geez, life got a little too crazy on me.

A few updates:

1) I finally finished all of my Undergrad work, and am excited about final grades, and my degree. I have a lot of thoughts on this and might write about it.

2) My last semester was certainly my hardest. As part of the degree requirements, I had to take a Research-based Capstone and spent the entire period researching gun-violence attitudes. It has nothing to do with the Black Hills…but I also might just write about my findings.

3) I started a business somewhere in there. It still is in a very developmental phase, but I’m excited to nurture this crazy idea of mine and watch it go.

4) We went to Denver and that was actually pretty fun. I don’t think I’m a big city girl anymore. My highlight of the trip was stopping at Carhenge. I will definitely be writing about that soon.


This winter has been wicked! But I think the end is finally here (I say as it’s 38 degrees outside). I’m going to take a little bit of time to step back and give everything the attention that it needs. I’m excited for spring to start and events are becoming more frequent. So I will be sure to keep my eye out for some of the more quirky finds.

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