Soñe Spa: A Hidden Gem?

There’s some funny quirks about the Military life that you just get used to…and fast.

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Stress
  • And the related, “forgetting to take time for yourself” thing we do.

Eden has been in a WWE style, “jump on mommy” phase and the annual family dramas are rearing their heads right in time for more travel (YAY.)

Fittingly, my husband set me up for a day at Soñe to finish off a (dusty, cheese cracker covered) gift card.

Nestled off of Burdick, in a discreet little medical-esque building, lies Soñe, somewhat new to the Minot Spa game (I believe they opened in 2017).

So, the good stuff. I was helped by Kaeleigh, who was absolutely wonderful! The decor is amazing, and the weird cucumber water and snacks are addictive. I didn’t feel like I was being creepily judged for chipmonking snacks between my sessions–that’s invaluable.

The Salt Room

Let me preface this with an obligatory buzzkill: The verdict is still out on whether Salt Therapy is good, bad, or placebo.

Okay, still with me? Here’s how it went:

Kaeleigh kindly asked if I wanted to take my phone in the room with me. I took a deep breath, and did the right thing and chose to relax in the Salt Room, alone with my thoughts for 45 minutes–you’ll have to check out pictures here. Kaeleigh tucked my grown ass under a blanket, and I was truly grateful to be alive.

Man, I should totally put this place in my blog. Damn, I should take a picture of this room for Instagram. #hellafilters. I thought stupid things like this on and off for about 20 minutes. My nose did this weird Sinus draining thing while I was in there, and at some point, a half snore coming from no one other than myself woke me up. 5 minutes later, Kaeleigh came to fetch me for my next session, the Sauna.

The Sauna

Okay, so my loving, kind husband probably screwed the pooch on this one. I hate Saunas. I have mediocre genetics and my sweat glands are insanity above 80 degrees.

The good news–I spent 30 minutes “relaxing” in the sauna, and by relaxing, I meant reading a book on happiness. It was also “relaxing” watching two beads of sweat from my forehead race toward my unmentionables, and questioning why human beings created Saunas. I got out a little early, and took a shower. It’s a pretty cool shower, in which I spent more time than necessary trying to figure out how the water drained into the floor. Little did Kaeleigh know, I was in there living my best life, performing TLC’s “Waterfalls” in my head.

Screenshot (96)
RIP Left Eye. (Source: Youtube)


Last but not least, a bubbly bath! Seriously. My husband and I bend over backwards making sure Eden has these epic bath times, with the lavender bubbles, the good shampoo, and all her favorite toys. By the time she’s done making our bathtub look like Alphabet Soup, the last thought I have is “wow, I could really use a relaxing bath.”

Soñe takes care of all of that for you. Hydrotherapy is a fancy word for “Big ass bubble bath” and it’s worth every minute. Kaeleigh poured the “potion” into the tub (this was dramatic AF, I almost was ready for a genie to pop out of the tub afterwards) and I was ready to go.

I loved this the most–I’d done it before as a couple’s bath, but honestly, I didn’t miss my husband at all *shrugs*. I continued to lather myself in the reality that I needed to get a job so that I, too could have a nice bath tub like this and just like that, my time was up.

I couldn’t help but stare at that sink. Felt like my OB/GYN was about to scrub in and give me a pelvic exam afterwards.

My afternoon at Soñe had come to an end, as I quietly sat, staring sadly at the empty tub, wondering how long I could stay in there before getting kicked out.

There is so much more I didn’t get to see or do here yet–but I recommend Soñe Spa for anyone looking for a brief escape. Check out their website and Facebook for more information.

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