Red’s Chicken and Barbecue

After a long, nauseating but beautiful ride on Iron Mountain Road, we were abruptly dumped off into the resort town of Custer. We were hungry and ready to stretch. The first place (literally) to turn into happened to be Red’s Chicken and Barbecue. 

I don’t know how I felt about this place. The inside was not glamorous, and the kind man waiting the meh looking joint prefaced with stating that they were out of about half of the menu (including chicken.) He was nice, I liked him. He offered all the talkativeness and kindness that resort towns have to offer.

I had a Hawaiian pulled pork sandwich, which maybe I should’ve taken a picture of. My husband had brisket, and we ordered a kid’s brisket with beans for Eden.

I thought the pulled pork was exceptionally good–melt in your mouth, good flavor, no complaints after a long ride. A bite of my daughter’s brisket (hell, she wasn’t eating it), I found it suffered from the common problem of being dry.

Prices were decent–maybe a smidge overpriced, but I felt pricing was okay.

TL; DR Verdict: I’d try it again. Overall Eh, with a 4/5 on my food alone. I wonder over time if I will find more impressive BBQ and change my mind (true story, BBQ is terrible almost everywhere in the Mid-West).

Do you know of any BBQ places in Rapid City worth trying? (I will bop you if you say Dickey’s)

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