Construction zone, Beep, Beep!


After much encouragement, I have finally ventured into the world of blogging. So, the basics:

-After a close, near-family friend piqued my interest into babywearing, my daughter was out of the womb and into the carrier! For more on my story, and why I babywear, see my About section.

-I feel there is an absolute need for two things in the babywearing community:

  1. Acceptance and embracing of diversity
  2. A redirected focus  from “who you are wearing” to “babywearing.”

More on these, later. In short, I found myself with a bad case of carrier envy, feeling strange about attending meetings, and feeling as if no matter what carrier I owned, it wasn’t good enough.

Full Disclosure–I still own a crap ton of carriers. However, I still maintain that you DON’T need any of them to be a “true” or “good” babywearer.

So, some goals.

  1. To provide education, information and (read this one again) opinion on many babywearing topics.
  2. To respond to many of the general inquiries and comments I have received while babywearing.
  3. Connect with others. I don’t bite! I am always open to learning more, as I know I can’t wear Eden forever–but our 9 month journey is still going strong.

So, stay tuned. I am finishing up a semester in the next two weeks and will have plenty of time. Wear all the babies!

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