Welcome, to Beyond…

DSC_0128Hey, stranger! It has been almost a year since my Black Hills adventure began. I’m now a fully graduated student, hoping to devote more time to my adventures and finds.

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Living in a place like Minot, North Dakota has taught me a lot about the Midwest. The car rides might be long, and the towns in between may be small.

But why does that have to be a bad thing?

Combined with a passion to discover and a literal need to not go crazy in the geographic middle of nowhere, “Beyond” began to describe my journey. Along with my husband and little one, my love for the Dakotas was found in the coffee shops and small towns that no one bothered going to. It was also found in the places everyone kept talking about.

Beyond Beyond. Travel matters. In the touristy land of the Black Hills, there must be some spots for the rest of us, right? I’ll also do the tourist traps justice, with my own unique, not-going-anywhere, first-time perspective.

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